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    Flavors Mexican Favorites

    Start Here

    Tacos (3) $12 | Burrito $12 | Nachos $12 | Bowl $12

    Step 1: Tacos (3), Burrito, Nachos, or Bowl.

    Step 2: Shredded jackfruit chicken, ground mushroom beef and Garlic butter shrimp.

    Tacos: choose up to 3. Burrito, Nachos, and Bowl: Choose 1.

    Step 3: Flavors Salad Mix, Guac, jalapeños, and Pico.

    Step 4: Shredded Cheese or Queso, Choose 1.

    Step 5: Rice and Beans- burrito & bowl served inside. Tacos served o the side.

    Step 6: Mild taco sauce, Sriracha, Green Medium Salsa or Red Mild Salsa, Choose up to 2.

    Extra Sauce: $.50
    Extra Meat: $1.00
    Extra Topping $.50
    Sour Cream $.50
    Chips $1.00

    Flavors Handheld Favorites

    Butter Burger


    Step 1: Single or Double (+$1.00)

    Step 2: Choose Your Spreads- Mayo, Special Sauce, Spicy Brown Mustard, Barbecue Sauce, Ketchup.

    Step 3: Choose Your Toppings- Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Grilled Onion, Pickles.
    Cheese $1.00.

    T.L.T.O Sandwich & Chips


    Tempeh bacon, artisan lettuce, tomato , and red onion layered on toasted ciabatta garlic aioli garlic spread and mayo. Served with BBQ chips.

    Sloppy Jack & Mac


    Sloppy Sauced Jackfruit topped Mac N' Cheese & pickle on a toasted butter bun. Served with salad.



    Fresh cut, perfectly fried and seasoned, cooked to order.

    Flavors Asian Bowls

    Rainbow Bowl


    Your choice of Forbidden Rice - or - Buckwheat Soa Noodles wok'd with green and purple cabbage, orange and yellow sweet peppers, yellow onion, carrots, green peas, and scrambled just egg topped with meaty oyster mushrooms. Sauced with our special blend of garlic, and ginger coco soy.

    Flavors Loaded

    Mac N' Cheese with a hint of truffle


    Choose 1: Jackfruit Carnitas, Oyster mushrooms, OR garlic butter shrimp.
    Choose 2: Ranch, BBQ, ketchup, Special Sauce, and green OR red salsa
    Choose 3: Garlic, grilled onions, sautéed spinach, green onion, pico and guac.

    Extra Sauce: $.50 each
    Extra Meat: $1.00 each
    Extra Topping $.50 each

    Flavors Salad


    Artisan lettuce, spinach, green and purple cabbage, red, and yellow peppers, carrot, cucumber, green onion, pink salt, pepper, and garlic flakes.
    Dressing options: Ranch & Flavors Italian.

    Loaded Fries


    Fresh cut, perfectly fried and seasoned. Cooked to order

    Choose 1: Jackfruit chicken, Oyster mushrooms, OR garlic butter shrimp. (+$2)
    Choose 2: Ranch, BBQ, ketchup, Special Sauce, Sriracha, and green OR red salsa
    Choose 3: Cheese sauce, Garlic, grilled onions, sautéed spinach, Pico, Guac, green onion, sour cream and Just egg.

    Can Be Added to Any Item on Menu

    Shredded Jackfruit Chicken


    Ground Mushroom Beef


    Garlic Butter Shrimp (5)






    Grilled Onion


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